Who We Are

Funded by the New York State Education Department, The Queens Early Childhood Direction Center (ECDC) provides free confidential information and referral for families and professionals about services for young children  birth to age five with diagnosed or suspected special needs. In New York City there is an Early Childhood Direction Center in each borough. Children of families referred to the Queens ECDC should reside in that borough and be between birth and five years of age.

There are 14 ECDC’s throughout New York State. [ VISIT SITE ]

The Queens Early Childhood Direction Center is locally sponsored by Queens Centers for Progress.

Staff Information

Catherine Warkala, Coordinator-718-215-1299 option# 1

Maria Fernandez, Spanish Early Childhood Specialist-718-215-1299 option# 2

Saima Maswood, Bengali Early Childhood Specialist-718-215-1229 option# 3

Cynthia Chu, Chinese Early Childhood Specialist-718-215-1299 option #4

Cindi Li, Administrative Assistant, 718-215-1299 option #0

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8-4:30